Lighter/LookDev Artist


Posted April 02 / São Paulo / New York / Full time / On Site

Job Description

Our artists are responsible for the assembling, lighting and rendering of the scenes and elements used for animation and VFX, with a variety of aesthetics, which goes from stylized to realistic. 

And also for creating the look of elements that will be rendered, creating shaders and textures.

The ideal artist is capable to:

- Work with the supervisor or lead and suggest creative ways to resolve the challenges of a final look creation;

- Collaborate with the compositor, rendering the requested passes;

- Create lighting setups or work with already existing setups;

- Optimize scenes to use in Render Farm;

- Establish color pallets and continuity to the entire sequence;

- Good understanding of color space and systems adopted by the market;

- Have great communication skills with the team;

- Have a vast knowledge of lighting techniques;

- Have basic knowledge of composition and how to use passes and layers;

- Work well under pressure and delivery tasks with high quality within deadline;

- Understand the use of lighting to enhance the mood of each scene.